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Orbio Agro Exim Pvt Ltd, 1105, Bldg 2A, HM Royal, Sr. No. 18+19 Opp Talab Factory, Kondhwa Budruk, Pune-411048, Maharashtra INDIA

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Wheat is a staple food crop which is highly nutritional, widely cultivated and is the most commonly consumed cereal grain in the world. The reason why wheat is such an important dietary staple food crop across the world is because of the plethora of options it brings to the table. You can make chapattis (Indian bread), bake a cake, bake your favourite cookie or biscuits, make pizzas and what not. So, it caters to the global audience and is widely accepted as the primary source of carb in the daily dietary intake. There are different types of wheat flour available in the markets and they are categorised by the amount of gluten they contain. Our farms and team of agricultural farmers have expertise and experience in cultivating, supplying and exporting the best quality whole wheat grain in abundance. This team ensures that the quality of wheat exported is of the highest standard, has high carb protein and fiber content and at the same time is economical enough for consumption by the masses.

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