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If the fiery red tint and its midget kernels loaded with sweet nectar are not enough to tempt you, then I'm sure its remarkable health benefits will make you desperate to try lip-smacking FRESH POMEGRANATE.

Also known as ANAAR IN HINDI, POMEGRANATE is both flavourful and insanely supportive in maintaining certain essential checks and balances in the body.

You may never have come across such a delicious fruit stuffed with almost all the essential nutrients and minerals that are important to lead the best quality of life.

NATURALLY GROWN POMEGRANATE is a divine fruit and has been used by our ancestors since time imperial for its impeccable health benefits.

It has been adored and celebrated for its exquisite taste, flavour, colour, and health benefits for centuries.

One doesn’t always have to consume any unpleasant vegetable or bitter juice to lead a healthy life. Just leverage BENEFITS OF POMEGRANATE fruit meanwhile enjoying its delicious taste.

No matter what the season, POMEGRANATE is available all year round mainly for the people who are very health conscious and informed of its many positive effects.


Pomegranate has anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-tumour qualities and considered to be an essential source of dietary fibre, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as folic acid. It accommodates two potent substances – the punicalagin and the punicic acid, which offer all the potential benefits.

Having said, let's find out about its therapeutic properties that will probably encourage you to include this FRESH EXOTIC FRUIT in your eating habits.


1.      Sharpens Memory

POMEGRANATE JUICE BENEFITS in nurturing a healthy brain and strengthening cognitive functions since POMEGRANATE is dense in polyphenols that believed to enhance cognitive function. In one experiment, people who drank pomegranate juice daily performed stronger in memory assessments than those who consumed a placebo. Hence, if you seem a tad bit inattentive or forgetful drink pomegranate juice daily and strengthen your memory. 

2.      Lowers blood pressure

Daily consuming pomegranate has proven to significantly reduce blood pressure hence preventing any possible risk of cardiac diseases triggered by high blood pressure. 

3.      Reinforces bone

Pomegranate fruit helps reduce the loss of bone density and supports healthy bones thanks to its heavy concentration of flavonoids. These flavonoids battle any inflammation in the body that may eventually contribute to conditions such as cartilage degradation and osteoarthritis. Also, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition indicates that pomegranate extract can inhibit enzymes that are essential for joint damage amongst people with osteoporosis.

4.      Boosts immunity

POMEGRANATE is rich in anti-oxidant and vitamin C that makes it a fantastic immune-boosting food. Vitamin C helps elevate antibodies which enables the body to resist disease-causing bacteria.

5.      Releases stress

Besides lowering the body's internal oxidative stress pomegranates also tend to reduce the mental pressure you encounter in your personal and professional life. As per research undertaken by Queen Margaret University, people who consumed pomegranate juice showed lower concentrations of cortisol, a stress hormone that intensified in stressful circumstances.

6.      Healthy heart

As explained in the second point, pomegranate is quite beneficial in reducing blood pressure to alleviate heart problems exacerbated by higher blood pressure. An analysis published in the journal Phytotherapy Research instructed attendees to drink approximately 150 ml of pomegranate juice a day for two weeks. After two weeks, their blood pressure declined dramatically. Since hypertension is one of the prime factors of cardiac strokes, drink pomegranate daily to improve your heart's health.

7.      Improve digestion system

We all know how crucial dietary fibre is to encourage healthy digestion. Owing to our stressful schedules, we often end up eating processed food, and hence our body is not supplemented with the requisite nutrients and dietary fibre. In such settings, including FRESH FRUIT like POMEGRANATE to your daily diet can make your diet rich in digestive fibres. So, start filling your mouth with this crimson HEALTHY FRUIT for good digestion and a healthy gut.

8.      Prevents plaque

We often gargle mouthwash to maintain good oral health but, unexpectedly, pomegranate juice can prove to be a better alternative to alcohol-containing mouthwash. Hydroalcoholic extract pf pomegranate successfully lowers dental plaque formation that is a cause of micro-organism build up by 84% according to a study. Indeed, POMEGRANATE JUICE BENEFITS as a sturdy anti-plaque agent.

9.      Fights cancer

POMEGRANATE can discourage several types of cancer and even combat cancer at differing stages. Anti-inflammatory qualities and a high content of polyphenol safeguard DNA from mutations, suppress cancer cell growth and help deter cancer from progressing. More tests are required, but research implies that pomegranates can help tackle prostate, breast, colon, and lung cancer. Ever imagined such tiny seeds to have powerful cancer-fighting properties.

10.  Promotes hair growth

Do you want lengthy polished locks? ANAAR is filled with anti-oxidant that strengthen hair follicles and boost blood circulation in the scalp—factors that help spur hair growth

11.  Keeps you full

Eating foods high in fibre slows down your digestion, which helps in keeping you feel full and satiated for a longer period and prevents hunger-pangs. The fuller you are on sustainable fibre-rich fruits like POMEGRANATE, the less crap you are likely to consume. 

12.  Fights acne

Antioxidants help combat acne by preventing inflammation that can escalate to breakouts. And it is the antioxidant-rich pomegranate to your rescue again. When snack time strikes, forget about unhealthy packaged foods and indulge yourself in nutritiously juicy fresh & naturally grown pomegranates. 

13.  Boosts sexual health

Pomegranate claimed to be a successful enhancement of sex life. When consumed regularly, the sex hormone called testosterone accelerates in both males and females, which is why it is called “natural viagra." It also increases the supply of blood to the genital region.

14.  Prevents atherosclerosis

Growing age and fast life result in the accumulation of bad cholesterol in our body, which hardens the walls of the arteries and causes blockage. High antioxidant characteristics of Naturally Grown POMEGRANATE FRUIT prevent such accumulation of bad cholesterol, the stiffening of the artery walls and also expels the excess fats from the body, thereby preventing blockages, blood clots, and other deadly medical conditions.

NOTE: It is best to seek professional advice to understand the amount of pomegranate you can eat or drink, particularly those afflicted with already existing complications such as heart troubles, high blood pressure, diabetes, or others.

Start loading up this all-year-round available health fruit to reap its magnificent health advantages. Leverage the BENEFITS OF NATURALLY GROWN POMEGRANATE for healthy physical and mental well-being.

Always purchase the ones have grown naturally and are devoid of any chemicals. You can trust Orbio Agro – your virtual FRUIT SHOP certified and licensed by many foreign countries for its expertise in delivering 100% FRESH IMPORTED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES to its customers.

Orbio Agro is an established brand involved in supplying and exporting the BEST QUALITY POMEGRANATE FRUIT grown naturally in our farmlands. Our shiny, FRESH POMEGRANATES bring out their authentic flavour and colour with no overbearing acidic taste. Include them as an integral part of your daily diet, be it in the form of fresh table fruits, juice, or salads.

For exceptional POMEGRANATE MEDICINAL USES, ORDER POMEGRANATE FRUIT ONLINE only from the highly credible organization Orbio Agro.


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